Last semester!

And this is the beginning of my last semester. This semester, though, I’m doing something I find very relevant, something I’ve discovered I invest a lot in – reading. 

More specifically, I’ll be dealing with reading comprehension. I’ve posted already at my teaching blog (I blog there intermittently) about the importance of reading. This semester I’ll be dealing with reading pedagogy, and will be doing my final paper on reading as well. 

Reading is something we have picked up only relatively recently as a species but it’s given us so much already. Together with writing, it’s given us the ability to archive and, in so doing, transfer our knowledge in a more reliable form. It’s given our ideas longevity, for better or worse. And it’s given some the power to influence what and how the masses think. This is not something to be taken lightly. 

We do, however, take our ability to read and understand what we’re reading for granted. The problem is that the pedagogical definition of reading is different the layperson’s definition, so some think they can read but they’re not actually reading. Not completely anyway, and not at a level that means they comprehend the text.

It is this latter I’m most concerned with. There are so many things that go into reading that you have to marvel at the complex level at which the brain is able to function. Let’s just say octopuses can read, I’ll be worried.

One of my dreams is to open a philosophy bookstore where we’ll have weekly reading sessions of particular philosophers. To be able to parse the ideas and discuss them with a group who thinks and reads at a similar level, whatever level that is, is surely a joy. 

I’m excited about this semester, more than I’ve been for the previous ones, save for the one where we did systemic functional linguistics and statistical methodologies. I love to learn. That’s one of the many reasons I love books and other founts of knowledge.

(Note to self: I should really blog about the library of Alexandria in the future.)


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