It was nothing

except an inconvenience.

I’m not going to shower this entry with pictures of my peeling feet. Currently, there are remnants, bubbles filled with air pockets that have merged, some as large as two inches across. I’m not too disturbed by them. It’s just that they make a plopping sound when I step on those that are still fully formed because there is no break in the skin yet.

I am tempted but I’ll leave it to abrasion.

It’s interesting that skin forms in layers. Within some bubbles that had burst prematurely, I found two, three layers of skin that concealed new, baby soft skin.

My hands are completely back to normal except for the marks of blisters which should fade in another two weeks.

Nobody caught it from me, and I am thankful. It really is merely a minor inconvenience albeit a fascinating one, but I don’t think anyone would want this.

That being said, I have not taken a break from work for about eight years. This was a welcome reprieve, even if I had to deal with this.

So now, back to planning!