Thoughts on a Sunday

Today, my nephews came by. They visit every Sunday, but today they arrived later than usual. They had a late lunch and usually, after their meal, their whole family will take a nap. A few hours later, they will arise and go for a walk in the park or head home. 

This is idyllic, I think. When they’re not screaming their heads off, or whining (one of them whines a lot), they’re quite peaceable. Even cute. 

My thoughts usually go to my brother and sister-in-law too. Both of them work full time, and while they have a helper at home who assists in the daily goings-on, they are completely committed parents. That means that they have little to no time for themselves.  

Sometimes, my mother tells me they have date nights. That’s nice. I don’t think they have a lot of time to themselves as individuals, however. 

My brother goes fishing late into the night. I guess that’s his alone-time. Sister-in-law  Let’s call her Mary) and he had probably worked out something. My brother, like me, has always been more of a loner. He might be an ISTJ. So his cave days have been long established. 

Mary can’t take a break, however. She needs to wake up earlier than my brother for work (she’s a teacher – we have lots of these in our families) so while he’s out fishing late into the night and having his alone-time, she has to sleep. 

When she’s awake, and he’s in his man-cave, she takes care of them. Before the helper came along, it must have been unbearable. I would have found it unbearable. 

I need my alone time. It’s not a matter of wanting it; it’s a need. It’s a need for maybe all people. I just need a whole lot more. If I don’t get it, I will unravel. That unravelling will be a sight to see. 

Sundays are their sacred days but they don’t get too much free time on Sundays. They have more now, which is I think a relief, more so for Mary. She’s a great mother, and a great wife. I wish she had more time to be great to herself too.