School starts next week – yay? Yes, yay.

It’s been 3 long months since my term break. Actually, (I’m looking the calendar in my system tray here) it’s been 3.5 months. That’s a whole long time. I should have used this time to do an intersem module, which will probably make next year less painful with the travelling to and fro. (Note to myself for next year, same time, if I do remember, but who am I kidding?)

These last few months have been great. I’ve spent more time with the hubs, read up on Philosophy (right now I’m at Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and have started a blogthing about my adventures in Stoicism) and wondered if I should instead spend my time doing an MA in Philosophy instead of Applied Linguistics. AL is fun and all, but I’m really more interested in Philosophy. Language is… too… iffy? I’m not even sure if that’s the right term that conveys what I’m trying to express. There is a system, but there is no system. It just is. It evolves, and everybody has their own idea of how or what language should be or what it is. With AL, I think I’m looking at observable stuff, but with Philosophy, it deals more with underlying principles. And I’m more of an “underlying principles” kind of woman.

I think that’s why, then, my primary interest in AL is not so much the cultural aspect of language. (Sociolinguistics is just meh in my books, sorry. Interesting, but still meh.) I’m way more interested in the forensics aspect. Being a forensic linguist is quite appealing. I did Systemic Functional Linguistics last term and found it fantastically fascinating. I’m intending also to take the module on language acquisition, which to me is more interesting than, for instance, Pragmatics. I’m not sure why that is. I think it might be because language acquisition speaks to me of some development at the evolutionary level that is pretty much the same across most individuals, so it seems to be a system-based study whereas Pragmatics centres a lot on culture which changes ever so often.

I’m looking forward to the learning part of the new term. I’m dreading the assignments, and the group work. I might ask again if I could do individual group work this time round. I much prefer the freedom. I guess the lecturers will do the whole “group work is essential blah blah blah” rhetoric but seriously, they can’t possibly be selling it to me as a skill right now; I’m an adult. I know how to work in groups. I don’t want to.

I was asking my course-mates if they’d (the people in the institution) let me take modules without needing to sit for the assignments. I want to learn and gain knowledge from the lecturers. If I could I would siphon what they know out of them. I’m so not interested in doing the assignments. It’s going to be a last minute madfest again, rushing it out in the last few days of the course. (Strange that knowing this is what I’ll be doing will not actually stop me from getting myself in this mess. But it’s been getting better. Last semester, for instance, I started a week before they was due; the previous one, I started on them 2 days before.) Procrastination – one of my greatest banes. (I still get the work done, and in not too bad a shape if I must say so myself.)

Using too many parentheses.

Meantime, I have some papers from work to vet, a word whose use I’ve always found peculiar in this context.