New world gadgets

I guess I’ve become a modern day person. I can’t be without a news source that I can constantly update. Newspapers used to do it for me. Not anymore. Newspapers give me yesterday’s news. I need now-news because every other minute when I’m not doing much, I’m reading.

I still bring my fountain pens, my notebook. I make it a point to write with them and on it. I love the very act of writing, wielding a pen like it is the most important thing in the world. All that power. At the same time, I feel more and more detached from the world of writing. It’s something of the past, but it shouldn’t be. The elegance of writing and of actual construction is all the more important now in our instant world.

I make it a point to write in long hand, with my pens. It keeps me connected, strangely, to what I feel makes us humans special – our special brand of intelligence, our propensity for creativity and mostly the thrust of centuries upon centuries of civilization.